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SEO tip – Google Rich Answers

SEO tip – Google Rich Answers

There is no doubt that winning top position for keywords is still the goal when it comes to Google search tactics. However, you may have noticed lately that answers to your questions are appearing a lot more often at the top of your organic search results.

Google calls this “rich answers”. There are many types of rich answers including: Featured snippets, Charts, Tables, Sliders etc. Today we will concentrate on simple answers and how we can try to target this area of Google.

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How do you get content to appear as a rich answer?

Although SEO is not always an exact science, our analysis of a large number of rich answers revealed some common similarities.  Here are our tips to get you started with rich answers:

  1. Optimize the page or post so it ranks on the first page for the target keywords
  2. Write a clear heading (the question)
  3. Use <li> tags to list short dot points for multi part answers or steps
  4. Keep your answers short, clear and accurate