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Melbournes most dedicated SEO Team

Staying on top of the competition on google has always been important, but as more businesses are seeking professional SEO consulting services, the risk of getting left behind is getting greater.

Our SEO team strives to educate and re-educate constantly as good SEO techniques and practices evolve.

Seo consultant Melbourne

Melbourne SEO consultant

Keyword Research

Our SEO team uses the latest in keyword research software to find which search terms related to your product or service are getting the highest volume of traffic. We also look at the related keywords that will help create diversity on your website. We then dig a little deeper to uncover and take advantage of the hidden gems that may being overlooked by your competition.

On-Page Optimisation

Google changes ranking algorithms constantly as the ever changing environment of the internet evolves… We too evolve. We stay educated and keep current.

In the battle for search engine rankings, your on-page website structure and content is becoming more important every day. When we analyse your website, we look at all aspects of the on-page content and site structure to help improve its optimisation. We look at the tags, URL’s structure, keyword density, images both still and video, mobile responsiveness and load time… All of which are factors in getting your site fully search engine optimised and ranked number 1 on Google.

Seo consultant Melbourne
Seo consultant Melbourne
Off-Page Optimisation

Since the recent Google updates there are a number of new key factors to consider in your website’s off-page SEO. It is no longer just a matter of how many links to the website you have but rather the quality and trust of those links.  We look to build links from credible resources to gain the trust required to gain top ranking in the organic search results.

We also offer services in detoxing damage done by previous SEO mistakes or techniques that have become outdated or considered “black hat.”